Who can get involved?

School going kids

• Clear your cupboards of all your old toys and donate it to us.
• Come play with our little ones once a month.


• Our kids also sometimes need extra classes – can you maybe help?


• Make our home or one of our centres your Rag project – there is always much to do.
• Become a big sister to one of our kids and influence her/his future.
• Our parents are super heroes – but they also sometimes need a break. Come baby sit for us.
• Good at maths? What about helping a little one excel by assisting him with his homework once a week?


• Take our house dad out for golf.
• Help us monthly with our electricity bill.
• Come and cut our grass or pay for garden service – the children love playing in a beautiful garden.
• Sometimes stuff breaks – maybe you don’t have ten thumbs, can we phone you?
• We need a cover for our swimming pool – maybe you and a few colleagues from the office can help?
• Come braai us a boerie on a Saturday afternoon.


• You won’t believe how much toiletries 12 kids use. Consider buying us some each month.
• Stick one of the girls for a haircut or braiding.
• Take one of our kids along when you take yours to the zoo.
• Commit to bake a big birthday cake once a month for the centres (there we celebrate birthdays in groups).
• When buying Christmas gifts, buy just one extra.
• Making concert outfits, why don’t you help us with an extra one?
• Children’s clothes.


• Come spend your 67 minutes for Madiba day at one of our homes or centres.
• Take our girl children to work on Take a girl child to work day.
• Make a pledge to make a small donation for every meal sold at your restaurant.
• Create an opportunity for one of our promising kids for holiday work


We often need the services of professional people, please get involved by donating your time or making your services available at discounted rates:
• Occupational therapists
• Lawyers
• Designers
• Doctors
• Physiotherapists
• Optometrists
• Therapists – play and otherwise


• Families for orphans through foster care and adoption   • Mini Bus  

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