Our main purpose is to address the desperate needs of vulnerable, abused and orphaned children in South Africa. To provide a safe haven for children in child headed families and children in the care of the elderly through drop in centres. Each of the children has unique needs and we have therefore structured our organisation to address 2 of the main areas of need:

Re-Connect Centres

South Africa has the highest HIV infection rate in the world with over 5.7 million people currently infected (UNICEF). Parents are passing away and leaving behind orphaned children.

According to Statistics South Africa, there are more than 3 million orphans in South Africa, more than half of whom have lost one or both of their parents to AIDS, and 150 000 children are believed to be living in child-headed households. The communities within which these children live are trying their absolute best to take care of these children, but the burden is heavy to carry and often fall on the elderly who already only live off basic state pensions.

Re-Connect Centres (Previously Kingdom Kids) provide a safe haven for children in rural areas that live mainly in child headed households, or with the elderly, through drop in centres. Re-Connect Centres attempt to alleviate the pressure on these communities by providing basic services to some of these children on a daily basis.

Re-Connect Centres supports the Phumula Christian Community Centre (“PCCC”) in the Phumula village in Mpumalanga and has also established the Ubumbano Child and Youth care Centre, close to Underberg, KZN.

PCCC is a day care centre where children aged 2 to 18 are served. The centre has a crèche for the little ones and after school care facilities for school going children. The centre delivers a holistic service to the children to assist the development of their full potential for them to take their rightful place in society.

PCCC has the following 5 programs in place:

1. A feeding scheme to provide nutritionally balanced meals;
2. A health program to ensure that the children have access to basic health care;
3. A social-spiritual program to develop social and other life skills;
4. An educational program where children are assisted with their homework;
5. A family development program where child headed families, grandmothers and
other care givers are assisted and educated to change the vicious circle of HIV and poverty.

Phumula Christian Community Centre was established in 2005 by MCDC assisted by Bijzonderen Noden of the Netherlands. Re-Connect Centres are very involved in the funding and management support of PCCC.

The Ubumbano Child and Youth Care Centre was established in 2011 after we learnt about the dire circumstances that some children live in in the Hlabeni area at the foot hills of the Drakensberg in KZN.

The centre presently has a crèche facility with 27 children. The crèche is currently run out of a traditional hut, but we are in a process of developing a full centre based on the PCCC model.

Ubumbano also has a feeding scheme that reach in excess of 50 children per day. Our target for 2014 is to start providing social and spiritual services to these vulnerable children and also to provide educational support.

Re-Connect homes

There is a desperate need in urban areas for homes where abused, abandoned and orphaned children can be taken care of on a semi-permanent and permanent basis.

Re-Connect Foster Care Homes were established in 2007 to address the dire need for foster care facilities for these children.

Our Constantia Park house can accommodate 6 children aged between 2 and 14 on a foster care basis, while our house in Eersterus serves the purpose of a place of safety for 6 children up to a maximum period of 90 days.

The mission is to provide a safe environment where children can be taken care of holistically. Our homes focus on the following needs of our children:

Physical needs: meals, clothes, medical care, personal hygiene
Emotional needs: love, attention, counselling
Spiritual needs: attending church and provision of spiritual literature and personal attention
Social needs: provision is made to create opportunities for the children to socialise
Education: quality education is our highest priority

We also focus on the needs of our personnel, financially, emotionally and spiritually as they play an extremely important role in our dream.


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