Yes, the challenge is absolutely overwhelming when looking at the mountain of over 3 million, but we invite you to help us take care of one child.

We do need a lot of money [click here to contribute financially], but we also need your time.

There are so many needs to attend to that there will definitely be at least one spot that we believe you will feel happy to fill. These children have been abandoned once too often already and therefore need consistency and commitment. We are not asking you to stretch yourself, rather to get involved with something small and easy that you can maintain without too much effort.

You might by now already have 100 ideas of how you want to get involved. Contact us so that we can make those ideas happen.

If you don’t know where to start, have a look at our list of [possible involvement ideas] – there will be one that grabs your interest.

We are able to issue a section 18A Tax Exception Certificate.


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